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This item appears to not have any files that we can let you "experience" (like watching a video or viewing images) in this area.

We suggest you try the [DOWNLOAD OPTIONS] area to the right below to see if there are any files you would like to try to use or download. 8-Off-Topic-Forum update1 20130317

Published 2013

This a panic download of the 'Off Topic Forum' topic on as of 2013-03-17. This is only a update to my last dump of 'Off Topic Forum'. There was alot of new stuff during the last few hours of the g4 forums. Thats way this is update1.

Addeddate 2013-06-17 12:33:20
Mediatype web
Date 2013
Year 2013
Imagecount 1440
Publicdate 2013-06-17 12:35:55
Firstfiledate 20130317233530
Lastfiledate 20130318000019
Scandate 20130317233530
Language English


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